Are Memory Foam Mattresses Only a Passing Fad?

Benny 16 Mar , 2018 0 Comments mattress reviewers


Just about everybody has heard of the memory foam mattress phenomenon. But are the touted advantages of memory foam for real? Will we be purchasing visco-elastic mattress in ten years’ time?


They’ve all come and gone; latex mattresses, air mattresses and water mattresses to name but a few. Whilst some people have purchased these types of mattresses and swear by the comfort and great sleep they’ve found with these types of sleep surfaces you haven’t heard of, it nonetheless remains a fact that the most well-liked mattress is nonetheless the spring mattress; because it has been for your last hundred years. So, are memory foam mattresses going to turn out to be the most well-liked mattress for customers?


Before we attempt to answer this with help from, let’s take a moment so understand why people are talking about- and purchasing – memory foam mattresses. A memory foam mattress is made from revolutionary visco-elastic foam that was originally developed by NASA. It was a small Danish company who had been the first to understand the advantages that this new material would deliver to the bedding world. Issues really took off once the company was purchased by a Swedish company; the Tempur-Pedic was born. In contrast to standard foam, memory foam responds to temperature and excess weight to conform to the exact contours of the sleeper’s body. Because a memory foam mattress evenly supports each inch of the body, stress factors are shop to a minimum.


Also, the spine is shop within the right alignment, even if sleeping on your side. It is true that spring mattresses also respond to excess weight, however they don’t mold themselves to the exact contours of the sleeper – even contemporary pocket springs systems cannot match the support of a visco-elastic foam mattress. One of the most typical factors for not getting a great night’s sleep is because of a partner’s movements. Unarguably, memory foam mattresses decrease the disturbance brought on by a companion moving more than any other type of mattress.


But when we want conclusive proof that a memory foam mattress is comfier and orthopedically better to get a sleeper than a standard mattress, we only have to look at what the healthcare profession is recommending. To date, more than 30,000 healthcare doctors, chiropractors, physiotherapists and osteopaths world-wide suggest the TEMPUR mattress and Neck Pillow.


But will memory foam mattresses turn out to be as well-liked as spring mattresses? I think they will. At first, the price of a purchasing a memory foam mattress was considered too high by numerous customers. However, as more mattress producers have begun making their own version of memory foam mattresses, costs have come down, to ensure that purchasing a great quality memory foam mattress is no costlier than purchasing a great quality spring mattress. In fact, purchasing a top-rated memory foam mattress can even be less expensive than purchasing a top rated standard mattress. Don’t take my word that memory foam mattresses are going to be the most well-liked mattress; just take a look in the other top mattress producers. Venerable companies like Serta, Sealy, Jamison and numerous other people are also making their own version of a memory foam mattress.


It is true that fads come and go, but every once in a while, something comes along that is revolutionary. When something like this comes along, far from becoming a passing fad, they are responsible to get a new dawn – the after leap in technology. Without doubt, the memory foam mattress is revolutionary and is right here to remain providing numerous people, the world more than, a greater night’s sleep.

Written By Benny